My dear ex-workmate, always pretty & proper, got married the other day. I was so excited and felt honoured to be invited to her wedding. I went along with another ex-workmate, who is also always well dressed and pleasant.

When the invitation arrived, I was taken by surprise how bright and different it looked! In the envelope, there were two invitations for separate days. I was simply impressed how beautiful they were. Obviously, I am going to keep these.

期待を裏切らない華やかさと、カラフルさで、もうお祝いの雰囲気いっぱいでした!! もう一人元同僚が招待されていて、仲良しだったので一緒に行きました。浮いてしまうのではないか、と少しだけ心配していましたが、その心配は杞憂に終わりました。

I imagined it to be all very colourful, and truly celebratory – indeed it was! What I loved the most was that despite the fact I didn’t know anyone other than the bride and the other ex-co-worker mentioned above, it felt so comfortable…!! I wasn’t particularly nervous before arrival but I thought it was only natural even if I felt a little out of place. However, my fear was proven groundless.

The ceremony and rituals were different and more complicated than I have seen in Japan or the UK, likewise, it required longer time, naturally. The priest prayed and implemented the matrimony in two languages, one after another – perhaps similar to the situations like meetings with consecutive interpreting.
It was rainy in the morning, and then it cleared later on, a beautiful blue sky out there. How suitable was that? Rain on a wedding day isn’t a bad thing in Japan, adversity strengthens the foundations, and also it is said that blessings fall upon us like rain. 
I loved the skylight. It lifts up my mood, and it changes the atmosphere in an instant, I think. It turned sunny, and it was all bright and cheerful in the corridor, banquet rooms… it was fantastic. Very suitable for such a celebratory day!

As we were about to leave, bride’s brother gave us these. The initial for both bride and groom was ‘M’ therefore M & M’s – so sweet!! Such a lovely and sweet small gift. It’s a lovely reminder of the day for us too. Congratulations both of you!!