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Japan and Nomyunikeishon (nommunication)

I can’t drink. Is it a problem, to blend in the society in Japan? Hello th… [続きを読む]

翻訳のキモかツボか⁉︎ | “face the music”

つい先日、仕事(翻訳)で出てきた英語表現のなかで気になったもの。 “face the music” というフレーズです。 文脈を理解する… [続きを読む]

No mic, no documents, no complaints? For appearance sake!!

A friend of mine went to a concert of her favourite band the other day and she t… [続きを読む]

11 Things You Thought You Knew about Japan – 2 of 2

In the last blog post, I introduced the first half of this article.  I ment… [続きを読む]

11 Things You Thought You Knew about Japan – 1 of 2

This week, I’d like to share with you 11 things that people think they know abou… [続きを読む]

15 Things to Avoid – Gift Giving Etiquette in Japan [en]

  What do you think about when you choose a gift for a friend?  Perhaps, somethi… [続きを読む]